Made the switch back to Canon

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I started off with Canon 7D, loved it but wanted a try a full frame so I switched to Nikon D600.  Loved it too but their video features are lacking. When I saw Magic Lantern had given Canon 5D Mark III Raw video capabilities my heart dropped!! So now I’m a happy shooter.

Things I like about Nikon:
-In my opinion, their lens are superior in build quality as well as image quality. (their prices tend to be cheaper as well.)
– Nikon Flash system is awsome! Everything is built in, does not require you to have an extra transmitter if you are in line of sight with the flash.
Things I like about Canon:
– Auto focus system is superior to Nikon.
– Video recording works without a hitch. (you can change the aperture in video mode while Nikon if you wanted to change the F stop you would have to change it in Photo mode then switch back to Video mode…)
– Best thing of all it as Magic Lantern, Focus Peaking, audio controls, easy white balance on the fly, Raw video etc.)


Over all if you are a photographer then these things aren’t a big issue, and both brands do well. But if you are a Video shooter then Canon hands down.


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